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Even brushes have bad hair days.  In the case of this synthetic brush of mine, damage is beyond repair.   I still hold on to it though and use it for scrubbing, or for reconstituting dried paint.  Also good for softening hard edges.  

We cannot expect our brushes to last forever.  They will overtime lose their point, get split ends, or fall off.  Care may extend their life span a few more years though and allow us to keep them longer.   Save money. 

Read on and hope this tip helps.

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Believe it or not, wetting your brushes periodically will help keep them viable longer.   I had a chance to observe this from comparing that particular brush (in the feature) with another two from the same time I bought it.  About three or four years ago when the brushes began to lose their point,  I decided not to throw but instead use them for scrubbing.  I stored one of the brushes because I need only one or two on hand and thought to save the other as a spare. The next time I took this out, it looked fine until I started using it.  It went frizzy in just one session while the other brushes I have been using regularly looked to be in better condition.  

A colleague's father, who uses natural hair brushes in his restoration work, advises the same.  Periodically take your unused brushes out for a dunking.  Rehydrating the hair/bristles from time to time seems to help keep them from getting brittle.


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A tip if you are planning to do this is to wet each of the brush heads thoroughly but make sure that you dry them standing with the head side pointing downward to facilitate good drainage of water.  This keeps the wooden handle part that is in contact with the brush head from rotting.  


I usually do this in batches so my DIY brush holders come in handy.  Here, I used a clip to hold three together. When I fan them out, they stabilize.  I am able to air dry several brushes at once.   

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If you are interested in making the brush holder, check out the tutorial: Sushi Mat Brush Holder

It also folds close for safer storage.  Convenient too for use while travelling.

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