DIY Brush Holder

I needed an organizer for my brushes that would also serve as travel holder.  I was looking for materials that would be easy to clean and would allow my brushes to air dry with the brush hairs pointing downward.  Plastic was a natural choice because it was less prone to molding.  Most important, the brush holder must provide protection to the brushes when packed away.  

Btw, these mops are from ProArte.  Sadly, now discontinued.  I was lucky to have chanced upon their closing sale and so was able to get these at very low prices.  Mops are made from squirrel hair and can hold a lot of paint and water.  This very characteristic also makes them prone to water damage (the wood of the brush handle at least.)  I dry them with the brush hair pointing downward to encourage drainage of the water in the ferrule part.


This is actually my second attempt at it.  Hopefully the redesign takes care of the garter stretching problem I encountered with the first one.  I hope you find the information here useful.



Karen Sioson brush holder 1

Karen Sioson

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plastic sushi roll mat

1 inch garter





glue gun (optional)


Note:  Have the brushes you are making the holder for ready as you will need them for trial fittings during construction.

Karen Sioson brush holder 2

Step 1.  

Thread your garter through on one side and sew the garter end in place.

karen sioson brush holder 3
karen sioson brush holder 4

Step 2.

Plan the placement of your brushes.   I placed the two biggest ones in the center and balanced the placement of the rest on either side.  In the picture though, the brushes were rolling out of place but you get my meaning.  

karen sioson brush holder 5

Step 3.

Create the first holder.  You may need to use a ruler to push a loop of garter through the slat space.  As mentioned earlier, this is a redesign of the prototype.  I am hoping this would minimize garter stretch fatigue if you individualized the holders by sewing each loop and making each independent.  

karen sioson brush holder 6
karen sioson brush holder 7

Put your brush in and pull the garter from the back side.  You will want a bit of tension at the front end but just enough so the brush will be held in place but not too much to induce stretch fatigue.  Sew the loop ends together on the dotted red line.  

Step 4.

Do the same with the second brush.  But allow a bit of gap between the first and second holder placement.  This space is for the brush from the opposite panel.

karen sioson brush holder 9
karen sioson brush holder 10

Thread through at the point where the mat has a fold.  This should anchor the garter to the mat more securely.


Step 5

Now ready for brush 3.  Place the big brush in between 1 and 2.  Fold the mat and take note of the position for the third holder and push the loop through there.  

karen sioson brush holder 11
karen sioson brush holder 12

Do the same for brush no. 4.  Check placement then push the loop through for that brush.  The same again for brush no 5.

karen sioson brush holder 13
karen sioson brush holder 14

I realized I needed to keep the left part of the mat free for the fold over so I converted the thread through at the fold area to a holder for brush no. 6.


karen sioson brush holder 15

The velcro closure can be sewn into place but with a bit of difficulty.  Er, I think I better abandon the attempt and go at it with a glue gun.  

karen sioson holder 16

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