Ginaw ng Tubig
watercolor on Langton Prestige paper
29 x 21.5 inches
©2016  Rene Canlas

Rene Canlas Ginaw

Rene Canlas

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Rene Canlas 1-1
Rene Canlas 1-2
Rene Canlas 1-3
Rene Canlas 1-4
Rene Canlas 1-5
Rene Canlas 1-6
Rene Canlas Ginaw

Ginaw ng Tubig
watercolor on paper
29 x 21.5 inches
© 2016 Rene Canlas

Rene Canlas is a regular contributor to the Learning Forum.  Whether done on site or in the studio, Rene's paintings always inspire.  

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